USMS Officials Test


USMS now has its own Officials Certification program!! Yea!

Go to, and look across the top banner, and click on VOLUNTEERS. After that opens a list of areas, click on Officials, then click on Certifications!

Read the entire section. You can take a Stroke and Turn test or the Starters test.

They suggest that you observe the video’s for each area that are on the USA-S website, and they have a link to these videos. Make sure you have the USA-S Rule book in hand before you take the test, so you can look up the answers. They really make it easy for you, and tell the corresponding rule number.

When you get ready to take the test, click on that, and a menu will drop down and you select which test you want to take. Remember, you are taking the stroke and turn, or starter’s test. If you are already a USA-S certified official, you may take the “re-certification” test for stroke and turn or starter.

Your results will be sent to USA-S. You will then need to contact the LMSC Officials chair for your LMSC, which would be me, Judy Gillies. My information is attached in the program. But here it is: Judy Gillies,

Good Luck and welcome to USMS Officiating!!