Do I have to be a competitive swimmer to join?
No. Triathletes and fitness swimmers are also welcome to join all workout groups and clubs. Swimmers are typically segregated into separate lanes according to their swimming pace and training goals/objectives.

How much does it cost per year?
There is an annual cost of $39 to join U.S. Masters Swimming, $13 to join the Arizona LMSC. This is all rolled into one fee ($52), which can be paid online at usms.com. A fee for part of the year is also available to latecomers. Practice groups and teams typically have monthly dues.

What benefits do I get from my membership?
A membership to USMS gives you a subscription to the bi-monthly magazine SWIMMER, as well as access to online workouts and forums and many discounts from swimming supply stores.

How many members does Arizona Masters have?
In 2015, 1186 swimmers were registered.

What equipment do I need?
Many clubs have swimming equipment available for use at their facilities. In general, swimmers will need swimming goggles, a cap, a kickboard, pull buoy, fins and hand paddles. Some swimmers also use webbed gloves and a snorkel. And of course…don’t forget your towel!

What are the age limits?
USMS welcomes adults of all ages (18 and up). Many people beyond 80 years of age compete in Masters meets!

How do I find a team near me?
Check out our list of teams and clubs to find a place in your neck-of-the-woods.